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LYRIC I. THE WOMAN WITHIN Every woman I know has at least 19 different people inside....nun to seductress, corporate to earth-mother. We'll write and discuss all those aspects of your warrior soul! Writing, performance technique. 8 weeks

LYRIC II SISTER, DON'T BE SILENT Now, more than ever in history, personal rights and freedoms are threatened, world problems looming or living right in our front yards. This is the time! Raise your voices in protest or praise, but let's create change! Writing/creating merchandise for sale,critique and analysis, virtual performances. 8 weeks

LYRIC III. LOVE AND LIGHT Time to activate! What are you going to do about it? How are you going to make an active change in your voice, your life your world. Now is the time for women to change the world. Let's illuminate! Creating websites, contracts and proposals, the business of writing and performance, creating curriculum. 8 weeks.

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